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Cable assemblies are seeing growing popularity across many industries, thanks to innovative new applications that need an advanced network infrastructure to handle ever-increasing data needs. Because cable assemblies for each application require specific construction elements, connector types, sizes and configurations, it can be difficult to navigate the options and specifications to satisfy your requirements.

When it's time to implement a cable assembly to connect innovative equipment, be sure to look for an established supplier with a large portfolio of cable types, materials and expertise to tailor an ideal assembly for your application.

Solving Challenges Across Many Industries

At SAB, we design and produce cables and assemblies that solve challenges across many industries and applications, making us a full-service connectivity solution provider. We assemble cables and wires according to your individual requirements, and we stock various connector types — like Harting, Lemo, Sub-D, M12 and RJ45 — along with terminals and cable jacket material.

Our capabilities include connectorized solutions, cables with stripped outer jacket and wire insulation, and cables with wire end ferrules. Here's an overview of our cable assembly range for a variety of industries:

USB 3.0 assemblies
USB 3.0 assemblies. Whether used to support handheld motion or the high acceleration and velocity of an axial robot, our USB 3.0 cables and assemblies provide noiseless "Superspeed" data transmission. That's because we carefully consider the fit and transmission reliability of the required connectors for symmetry with the cable, signal integrity and high performance.
Ethernet cable assemblies
Ethernet cable assemblies. Our bus and Ethernet cable assemblies are well-suited for facilities that look to digitize and automate processes. We offer pre-assembled patch cables that allow easy, time-saving Ethernet connections on-site for highly flexible robotic and automation applications, including those with cable tracks and reels. We can mount or mold RJ45/M12 connectors with durable SAB CATLine Ethernet cables that stand up to harsh industrial conditions.
Automotive system testing
Automotive system testing. Advanced technologies are driving the need for cable assemblies for power and data communications, as well as embedded systems testing. During ETAS testing, for example, the test components are often incompatible with the intended system. A variety of our cable assemblies provide the connection between the car and ETAS's control devices and interface modules.
Coax BNC for high-frequency applications
Coax BNC for high-frequency applications. Our lineup of high-quality and trouble-free flexible coaxial cable assemblies withstand mechanical stress, vibration or friction. And, our low-noise coaxial cable effectively suppresses noise from triboelectric interference voltage. We can offer a complete assembly with corresponding coaxial connectors and multiple plug combinations.
Push-pull assemblies
Push-pull assemblies. Push-pull connectors create a robust and easily detachable connection. Plugs from Lemo, ODU, Yamaichi and Fischer are available in different configurations (voltage, tightness or material). Using these connectors, we can create custom designs with compatible high-quality cables and plugs. Multiple connector and cable variations are possible for medical, measurement or military technologies.

Your Single Source for Cable Assemblies

When you need to specify a cable assembly to seamlessly connect and integrate devices, look for a cable supplier that offers a wide range of cable products, materials and customization capabilities.

At SAB, we offer cables and assemblies that satisfy a diversity of needs and perform reliably in tough environments. If a standard assembly does not meet your requirements, we can help you create an application-specific cable assembly. Be sure to speak to a SAB sales engineer to get started.

For more information, download our brochure. To request a quote, download our request form.

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