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Tray and VFD Cables

Tray Cables/VFD Cables

Tray Cables/VFD Cables

UL and CSA-listed tray cables for use in control systems, machinery, conveyors, control panels, assembly and production lines and processing equipment. Each carries a Class 1 Division 2 explosion classification and a WTTC rating for wind turbines. The lineup features flexible versions as well as round cables that allow installers to pull more cables at a time, thereby avoiding a stiff, complicated setup.

UL and CSA-listed VFD cables for use in paper mills, cement plants, mining controls, automotive plants, steel mills, and HVAC applications as well. Anywhere VFD motors are used SAB has a cable to offer. We have one ground or symmetrical ground options, power only or power with 1 or 2 pairs. We also offer continuous flex options and 2KV for larger motors. Combine with our EMC grounding glands and protect your installation from EMI interference.


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