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When your machine requires high-quality wire and cable, there are many standard products to fit the bill. But since no two applications are alike, you may naturally have specific needs that require more than just a standard cable. That’s why the cable supplier you choose should have the capability, expertise and materials to create cables that ideally match the needs of your specific application.

High-speed data exchange has become the cornerstone of factory automation as manufacturers harness real-time information to improve efficiencies and processes. Networking the “smart factory” takes robust Ethernet cables that can stand up to repetitive motion of robotic arms and other moving equipment — or even, mobile applications like rail cars. But unlike static cables typically found in building infrastructures, industrial Ethernet cables must endure inhospitable conditions and mechanical stresses.

The laying of cables in cable track has to be done carefully. SAB recommends following these guidelines for installing continuous flex cables into a cable track:

SAB tray cables and flexible motor supply cables have achieved the UL WTTC approval in accordance with UL subject 2277.

SAB North America announced that its full line of tray cables and flexible motor supply cables are approved by Underwriters Laboratories as Wind Turbine Tray Cables with 1000 volt rating and operating temperature designed to meet the UL WTTC subject 2277 standard.

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