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As high-resolution camera and 3D imaging technologies give rise to more effective medical diagnoses and treatments, communicating those high-quality images and data also creates greater bandwidth needs across networks. While imaging technology offers great promise, designers are tasked with finding cables with fast transmission speeds while satisfying inherent medical equipment demands such as:

  • Proof of biocompatibility
  • A flexible design to ensure the camera is guided properly
  • Low image noise
  • Lightweight design

SAB North America has responded with medical-grade USB 3.0 cables that meet these criteria and more. They combine USB 3.0’s 5 Gbps data rates with highly flexible design features, low weight and biological jacket material while meeting both the EN ISO 10993-1 standard for biological harmlessness and the EN ISO 10993-5 cytotoxicity standard. Additional features include:

  • Data transmission with minimal interference
  • Temperature resistance of -25 to +180°C
  • Notch and tear resistance
  • Fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) insulation
  • Autoclavability
  • Non-adhesive surface
  • Overmolded assemblies available
  • RoHS compliance

These features make USB 3.0 cables particularly suitable for 3-D ultrasound devices as well as intraoral camera systems that require manual positioning without being affected by unnecessary cable weight.

Application Example: 3-D Ultrasound

Three-D ultrasound is an increasingly popular imaging technique that produces vivid images of a baby inside the womb. They can show a baby’s body parts with great detail and also indicate potential birth defects. In order to transmit these high-resolution images to medical personnel, designers must select a high-bandwidth cable with the following attributes:

  • Flexibility
  • A smooth surface for patient comfort
  • Biocompatibility for patient contact
  • Ability to undergo sterilization
  • UL approval

SABmed Line Solution:

A USB 3.0, UL-approved cable with a highly flexible design. Specifications include:

  • Dimensions: 2x(2x28AWG) ST + 2x28 AWG + 2x22AWG
  • Voltage rating: 600V (UL)
  • Wide temperature range: -25 to +180°C, flexible; stationary: -40 to +180°C

In addition to its USB 3.0 cables, SAB also offers a whole range of SABmed Line medical cables such as flexible and rugged cables, ultraflexible cables for continuous flex applications, UL-type cables, “non-blooming” cables without additives and cables with reduced shore-hardness or lower jacket durometers. You can see the full lineup of SABmed Line products in SAB’s "Cables & Cordsets for Medical Devices" brochure. SABmed Line cables are also highly customizable and can be prototyped in small quantities using SAB’s standard production lines. Additional customization highlights include:

  • Plug & play pre-assembled cables
  • A large selection of biocompatible materials
  • Outer jacket materials that match the medical device
  • Twisting characteristics: high flexibility with easier handling and mobility, and no risk of kinking

The Right Cable Gives Medical Professionals a Clear Perspective

Advanced imaging technology is allowing medical professionals to see inside patients with unprecedented clarity. However, the technology cannot fulfill its potential unless cables can provide fast, noise-free data transmission without affecting patient well-being. SAB North America’s medical-grade USB 3.0 cables offer medical device designers exceptional, low-noise bandwidth and a flexible, lightweight design so medical personnel can get a clear picture of a patient’s state of health.

For more information about SABmed Line cables for medical applications, download our brochure.

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