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In order to provide customers with detailed information about our always-expanding lineup of products, we continually update our catalog with new pages and make them easy to access on our website — www.sabcable.com. In addition to information about our newest power, control and data cables and accessories, our updated catalogs feature at-a-glance selection charts and tables to take the guesswork out of product selection. In Part 1 of this blog series, we summarized several of SAB’s product categories with links to their corresponding catalog pages. Here’s Part 2 of our overview:

High Temperature Cables
High Temperature Cables. Our flexible silicone cables resist extreme hot and cold temperatures for use in foundries, glass manufacturing, steel mills and other harsh applications thanks to our proprietary Besilen silicon rubber-based materials. Besilen cables can withstand temperatures as low as -50°C or as high as 180°C — and even up to 250°C for short periods. Learn more.
Bus and Ethernet Cables
Bus and Ethernet Cables. Flexible bus cables are designed for industrial applications that require power, sensor and data communications. This comprehensive cable family accommodates most major bus and Ethernet protocols and their corresponding applications, including CAT 5, CAT 6 and CAT 7 cables for flexible and continuous flex use as well as special constructions for reeling and robotics. Learn more.
Halogen-Free Cables
Halogen-Free Cables. SAB offers a full lineup of halogen-free cables for sensitive areas such as public spaces and rail vehicles that demand low smoke generation, toxicity and corrosiveness. Highlights include our X Rail cables that meet the highest safety standards according to EN45545-2. Halogen-free cables also withstand heat, hot air, low temperatures, extreme weather and oils. Learn more.
ETFE, FEP and PFA Cables
ETFE, FEP and PFA Cables. ETFE and FEP cables are desirable in new technologies requiring chemical and solvent resistance. These cables offer exceptional temperature resistance, flexibility at cold temperatures plus good electrical insulating characteristics with low, nearly frequency-independent dielectric characteristics. PFA cables are well-suited for high-temperature applications. Learn more.
Compensating and Extension Cables
Compensating and Extension Cables. SAB can help ensure reliable and safe thermoelectric voltage from thermocouple to cold junction — the so-called “black box” — with compensating and extension cables with various insulation materials, braiding, foils and armoring options. Learn more.

A Complete Resource for Cable Information

A Complete Resource for Cable Information
If your product search has you looking at multiple product ranges, SAB also has you covered. We compiled our new catalog pages, as well as all of our flexible control and automation cable product pages, into one full catalog. This 480-page compendium of cables and accessories for automation is fully searchable, divided into color-coded product ranges with selection tables for each. A technical reference section offers detailed information about SAB cable types, material characteristics, installation and other guidelines plus further information about our cord grips and accessories. Learn more.

SAB’s full catalog, new catalog pages, selection charts and tables are further examples of our commitment to providing a smooth purchasing process for customers evaluating our comprehensive cable lineup. No matter the type of cable product you require, SAB North America offers both the selection and easy-to-access information to help you choose the product that best meets your application needs.

For more information about SAB North America cables and accessories, check out our brochures.

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