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Modern, automated greenhouse equipment can help indoor farmers manage and maintain productive crops. However, implementing the associated power, control and networking infrastructure in a greenhouse can present its own challenges. Whether you’re looking to make systems smarter, automate processes, install advanced lighting, lower energy costs or simply boost efficiency, you will need cable that satisfies the application needs and can stand up to greenhouse conditions. When selecting wire and cable for your indoor growing application, be sure to keep the following factors in mind:

  • Flexibility. Cable runs typically have complex configurations since equipment and cable trays must be positioned to avoid blocking sunlight.
  • Chemical resistance. Whether for plant growth or pest mitigation, greenhouses are teeming with agricultural chemicals and pesticides.
  • Moisture/humidity/corrosion resistance. Humid conditions in greenhouses can lead to condensation forming on equipment or dripping from the ceiling. Puddles can also add to the humidity inside a greenhouse.
  • UV resistance. Abundant sunlight can cause cable jacketing to degrade.
  • Temperature. Elevated temperatures are common in greenhouses.
  • Certifications and approvals. Make sure your wire and cable satisfy industry and local standards.

A Large Selection of Cable Products for Greenhouses

SAB North America offers a variety of cables, cord grips and vent accessories that help enable a host of indoor growing operations while standing up to tough greenhouse conditions. All our cables resist humidity, are very flexible and have excellent chemical resistance. SAB cables will perform in most applications within the greenhouse, and most are UL and CSA approved. Here are some common application areas along with corresponding SAB cables:

  • Flexible Control and Power Tray Cable for lighting and other functions: DC 105 C and DC 105 CTP, TR 600 S and TR 600 S CY, CC 600 and CC 600 CY. Features include fine stranding for good flexibility and easy installation. Additional highlights: TR 600 S and S CY flexible tray cables resist UV and chemicals; and CC 600 and CC 600 CY oil-resistant flexible control cables boast reduced outer diameters for use in confined areas.
  • For HVAC motors and conveyors: VFD XLPE TR, Combo XLPE and Symmetrical XLPE TR. Featuring thick, cross-linked insulation for heat resistance, these cables can be used within or without conduit (exposed run) up to any length. They are suitable for wet or dry locations, resist UV and extreme temperatures from -40°C to 90°C.
  • Continuous flex cables for automated watering, harvesting, sorting and packaging equipment: TR 600 Auto HD and TR 600 Auto C HD; S 900; S 960, SD 960 CY and SD 960 TP; S 200 and SD 200; S 980 P, SD 980 P, SD 980 CP and SD 980 CP TP. The lineup is suitable for use in wet and dry conditions and includes:
    • Multi-conductor cables for applications that require tray cable ratings, flexibility, UV and chemical resistance.
    • An ultra flexible single core cable that resists UV and offers the best chemical resistance available for a PVC jacket.
    • Multi-conductor cables for continuous flex applications with small bending radii.
    • Continuous flex, PUR/TPE jacketed halogen-free cables that stand up to extreme temperatures and resist chemicals and abrasion.
    • Multi-conductor unshielded and unshielded PUR/TPE jacketed cables.
    • A multi-pair shielded cable with PUR jacketing.
  • For process control: PN 675 and CATLine industrial-strength Ethernet cables. PN 675 CAT 5e cable is well-suited for use in trays with a PLTC rating and has UV protection and resistance to extreme temperatures. CATLine is a comprehensive array of continuous flex and torsion/robotic CAT 6, CAT 6A and CAT 7A cables, as well as reeling CAT 6A and CAT 7A cables. All CATLine cables come with PUR jacketing.
  • For servo motors, positioning encoders and feedback: SL 834C, SL 841 C, SL 843 C and SL 839 C. Available in position or feedback versions with copper screen (0.6/1 kV or overall), these halogen-free highly flexible cables feature good chemical resistance, long operating life and are suitable for use in cable tracks.
  • To protect connections: Cord grips, ventilation glands and plugs. SAB cord grips create a tight seal with the cable to protect connections inside control cabinets (IP 68). And we offer a variety of UL-approved and chemical-resistant ventilation glands and plugs in a wide choice of materials and air flow ratings.

SAB Satisfies Cable Needs Throughout Agriculture

In addition to their use in greenhouses, SAB cables are suitable for a variety of industrial farming systems and equipment. For example, several SAB cables have been incorporated into a leading commercial-grade cannabis and hemp trimmer. The machine is powered by a 20-hp motor and includes various motorized blades, tumblers and blowers. It also has a water mist system for wet trimming, and it undergoes frequent wash downs.

The cannabis trimmer manufacturer installed VFD XLPE TR flexible shielded motor supply cables. The cables are designed for use with adjustable-speed drives and servo systems and feature thick cross-linked insulation and good resistance to heat, corona discharge and moisture. The manufacturer also installed SAB’s CC 600 CY flexible control cable, CAT 5e PN 675 Type B flexible Ethernet cable and the TR 600 S CY multiple-conductor flexible tray cable.

Achieve Greater Efficiencies and Better Production

New technologies are changing the way food growers create ideal growing conditions and operations in their greenhouses. When modernizing greenhouse systems and equipment, be sure to select a cable supplier whose products and accessories can satisfy ever-changing technology requirements while also having the construction and durability needed to survive the greenhouse environment. Cable products from SAB North America are designed to satisfy the increasing power, control and networking needs of today’s greenhouses so you can reap greater efficiencies and crop yield from your operations.

For more information about SAB North America cables and accessories for greenhouse equipment, download our brochure.

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