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The transportation industry presents some of the most challenging and unique requirements for cables. In addition to handling greater connectivity, the cables must withstand harsh conditions and meet strict fire safety standards. At SAB, we’re well-known for our flexible cables used in demanding industrial automated environments. At the same time, we’re equally adept at meeting the wide range of requirements for the diverse transportation sector.

In fact, we offer a broad range of cables for railway, shipboard, airport equipment, construction vehicles, agricultural and other transportation applications. Here are just some of the transportation fields we serve, along with the ways our cable products meet their needs.

Railway. Safe train operation and passenger comfort would not be possible without various electronic systems supported by high-performance power, data and control cables. These cables must be halogen-free, flame retardant and self-extinguishing to meet strict European Union standards aimed at protecting train passengers and personnel from smoke and fumes that can spread during an onboard fire. We manufacture cables with the proper insulation and jacketing materials to meet these regulations.

One such example is our SAB RailLine 560 halogen-free flexible data and control cables. The SABIX® thermoplastic material used in these, as well as many of our CATLine Ethernet cables, provides HL 1-3 flame protection — the highest level of flame protection per EN 45545-2.

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Marine. As shipbuilders increasingly demand lightweight, high-efficiency components that can be installed in tight spaces, highly flexible marine cables are essential. Like railway cables, marine cables must be halogen-free, flame retardant and self-extinguishing and satisfy various international standards.

Our SABIX BL marine cables fulfill these special shipbuilding requirements while also offering customers exceptional utility. Their many approvals include Germanischer Lloyd (GL) and Russian Maritime, making them well-suited for use on ships, yachts and offshore equipment.

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Airport equipment. We offer a broad range of cables for airport facilities such as passenger bridges, as well as for continuously flexible applications, wiring cable or for use in bus systems. Our innovative, durable cables stand up to the unique needs of airport equipment and infrastructure.

Ground power equipment. Cables used in ground power units (GPU) and ground support equipment (GSE) must stand up to weather, oils and abrasion. And, changing conditions at runways demand easy connection and installation. Our 400 Hz cables are well-suited for fixed laying, flexible or reeling applications in GPU and GSE systems. These durable cables are also available as plug-and-play devices, harnessed with 400 Hz plugs for different suppliers. One such cable, the GP400 QF power cable with integrated control cores, features flexible, smooth construction for easy handling, plus our SABIX insulation. It can also be suspended under boarding bridges.

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There’s a SAB Cable for Your Transportation Application

Cables have a wide range of uses across the increasingly connected transportation industry, but they have two common requirements: safety and reliability. Whether you need to meet strict fire safety standards in railway and shipboard applications, require easy installation for GPU equipment or withstand harsh conditions, we have a cable to meet your demanding transportation application requirements.

For more information about SAB cables for transportation applications, download our brochures.

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