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Facilities that produce semiconductor components and equipment, as well as biological, medical or food products, must regularly filter and monitor the air to ensure their cleanrooms comply with international standards. These standards regulate the dispersion of micrometer-sized particles. The cables used in automated systems within cleanrooms must be able to withstand the rigors of repetitive or complex motion, and their flexing and torsion can’t discharge any particles. Additionally, the cable materials can’t influence product cleanliness.

So, how can you make sure your cable makes the grade in a clean environment? It all starts with testing and certification.

The Fraunhofer Institute of Germany’s IPA Tested® Device Certification is an internationally recognized program that assesses components for cleanliness and suitability in cleanroom applications based on a set of acknowledged standards and guidelines. The Institute evaluated the SABclean family of cleanroom cables according to:

  • ISO 14644-1: A series of air cleanliness classifications ranging from 1 to 9 based on particle concentration.
  • VDI 2083 Sheet 8: A comprehensive guideline that treats the suitability of equipment for cleanrooms with respect to production, maintenance, recovering and proof.

The certification showed that SABclean cables meet all quality requirements and are suitable for use in cleanrooms. In fact, the cable family meets the highest standards of ISO 14644-1.

Our cleanroom torsion and Ethernet cables are well-suited for a wide range of machines and systems found in cleanrooms. They feature quality insulation with a smooth surface and anti-stick wrapping to prolong cable life under extreme twisting and bending stresses. The outer jacket made of specially formulated TPE resists abrasion, oils, notching, microbes and hydrolysis. And, the surface quality prevents adhesion to adjacently installed cables.

Other highlights of our SABclean cable family include:

Choose Clean, Reliable Cables

When an automated system in a cleanroom calls for power, control or Ethernet cables, not every cable product can meet the significant demands that come with controlled environments. To be sure you have the right cable for a cleanroom application, it’s important to work with a cable supplier whose products have been tested and certified to satisfy these high-performance requirements.

For more information about SABclean cables for cleanrooms, download our brochure.

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