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How SAB Wires and Cables Play a Critical Role in Entertainment Equipment

When you attend a live event or amusement park, there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye. Often the components behind the scenes are just as important to creating a dazzling show or thrilling carnival ride. For example, wires and cables are the backbone of the attraction, transmitting the power, control and data signals that the electronics, hydraulics and control systems rely on in order to deliver the mechanical action, music and lighting that enthrall audiences and riders.

However, choosing wire and cables for entertainment applications isn’t always a straightforward process. Stage elements and rides are as complex as they are pleasing. For instance, a moving stage scene may require motor power, a rigging system and sensor and data communications.

In addition, rides and amusement systems must be robust enough to withstand outdoor weather conditions, as well as exposure to oils commonly associated with mechanical components. And, because many stage productions and amusement rides must travel frequently, wires and cables must be easy to install in tight spaces.

With so many wire and cable demands, it can be difficult for stage and amusement designers to find a single supplier that can satisfy all their needs.

SAB Cables Are Up to the Challenge

SAB North America offers a wide range of products that address the many challenges typically found in the entertainment industry. Our cables are dependable and can meet all your flexibility requirements including multi-axial movement with high cycle counts so that your rides are always running. Our products are also used to illuminate theaters, and our festoon and reeling cables control stage rigging systems.

Here is an overview of our varied cable lineup, along with their features and characteristics:

  • Flexible control cables. SAB Flexible Control Cables feature a tight bending radius and smaller diameters for increased versatility and simple installation. Many PUR- and TPE-type flexible control cables resist weather, oils and chemicals.
  • Continuous flex cables. Designed to allow alternate bending and continuous motion, these cables are well-suited for applications ranging from heavy-duty power and control to ultra-sensitive data communications.
  • Torsion cables. These cables transmit control signals or power to high-speed, heavy-duty twisting applications. High-quality insulation boosts cable life under extreme twisting and bending stresses. Torsion cables can be used in cable tracks or in dry, wet or damp conditions.
  • Tray and VFD cables. VFD and UL-listed tray cables can run pumps in water parks or the drives controlling the magnets on roller coasters. Features include good flexibility, easy installation, oil resistance, a minimal bending radius and routing without complicated assemblies.
  • Servo motor cables. Used in continuous flex and static applications, our servo motor cables come in combinations of power, signal, feedback and control configurations for a wide range of amusements. These cables feature low capacitance, good oil resistance and UL recognition.
  • Bus and Ethernet cables. Our flexible bus cables enable effective power, sensor and data communications for automated amusement park rides. We also offer a complete range of halogen-free bus cables.
  • Data and Sensor cables. Our highly flexible multi-conductor data and sensor cables feature small cross sections, a small bending radius and excellent shielding. The family also includes several cables for European applications.
  • Specialty cables. If a standard cable won’t fit your application, we can design a special cable combining multiple elements under one jacket. Examples include lift and festoon cables, reeling cables, spreader cables and high mechanical stress cables.
  • Accessories. A wide range of cord grips and cable glands is available to protect your cables and simplify installation.

Your Single Source for High-Performing Wires and Cables

Because moving scenes, props and amusements involve complex motion profiles and supporting electronics, finding the right wires and cables that bring these attractions to life under constant bending and flexing can be a challenge. And, the transitory nature of show production and amusement installations doesn’t allow much time for evaluating cables.

At SAB, we’re your single source for a wide range of reliable and robust wires and cables that can satisfy your entertainment system design needs. With our products, you’ll have the flexibility to get your entertainment equipment up and running fast — and keep it performing at its best.

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