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Why SAB Flexible Cables Are Ideal for Automated Recycling Equipment

Wires and cables enable new technologies that boost efficiency and capacity in waste management equipment and processes. For example, many common waste collection and sorting tasks used in recycling operations are increasingly performed by robots. These systems often include sensors, image recognition and other monitoring devices as part of a modern industrial network. That means they require robust communications and control cables that can perform in the harsh conditions typically found in recycling facilities.

Whether your company is in the waste and recycling industry or is just doing its part to reduce environmental impact, your IT investment must include flexible cables that are not only well-suited for automated technology and networking, but can also withstand tough environments.

At SAB North America, we offer a wide range of flexible cables for automation with durable construction to resist threats such as high temperatures, abrasions, notches, oils and chemicals. Here’s an overview of the various cables that are ideal for recycling equipment and processes, along with their features:

  • Flexible Bus and Ethernet Cables. We offer a broad range of flexible and continuous flex network cables with high data rates for use with conveyor belts, robotic sorting equipment and torsion applications in recycling and waste processing facilities. This cable lineup covers nearly all standard bus systems including CAN-bus, Profibus and TCP/IP industrial Ethernet.
  • Flexible Tray Cables. Features include oil resistance and a UL TC-ER rating for exposed runs. You can also route them around tight bends to fit into tight spaces for easy installation in waste robotics, waste handling processes, balers, sorters, shredders, conveyors and control systems.
  • Torsional Cables. Our torsion cables transmit control signals or power to high-speed, heavy duty machines, robotic arms and other twisting applications requiring reliable rotary motion, such as sorting machinery, balers, palletizing and material handling equipment.
  • Data and Sensor Cables. Our wide range of flexible 26 to 16 AWG data and communication cables are available with shield or unshielded and paired with an overall shield.
  • Flexible Servo Cables. Available in position or feedback versions with copper screen, flexible servo cables feature good chemical resistance and a long operating life. They are well-suited for sorting or palletizing equipment and cable track applications.

Our Full Range of Waste Management Products

In addition to wires and cables for automated recycling machines and systems, we also offer a full range of products for waste management applications. This varied lineup includes flexible control cables, continuous flex cables, flexible VFD cables, festoon and reeling cables, European standardized cables and flexible high-temperature cables, plus cord grips and accessories. And, they’re built to deliver the reliability you expect in harsh and high-temperature conditions. When it comes to connecting waste management equipment and systems, SAB North America is the only source you need for high-quality, reliable cables and accessories.

For more information about our cables and accessories for recycling and waste management, download our catalog.

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