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NFPA 130-Compliant Cables Promote Fire Safety in Railway Systems and Infrastructure

Modern railways incorporate a wide range of electronic systems to run trains reliably and keep passengers and personnel safe throughout their networks. Because urban railways transport large volumes of people, sometimes within tight confines, the cables at the heart of these systems must satisfy stringent fire safety standards, including NFPA 130 and EN 45545-2.

What is NFPA 130?

NFPA 130 is an internationally recognized industry code that governs fixed guideway transit and passenger rail systems used by passengers and employees. It is intended to prevent, control and limit fires, smoke, their intensity and spread in infrastructure such as rail stations, vehicles and ventilation systems.

NFPA 130 establishes the following requirements for cables:

  • Cables must be NFPA 70-recognized.
  • Cables must be IEEE-1202/FT4 flame- and UL 1685 smoke-tested or NFPA 262 flame and smoke tested.
  • Cables must be wet rated 90°C, and insulated conductors listed for wet locations.
  • Fire-resistive cables used in both horizontal and vertical applications must meet the UL 2196 one-hour fire rating.


What is EN 45545-2?

EN 45545-2 requires the use of materials that limit fire development and produce low levels of smoke and toxic fumes. Cables used in railway applications must be halogen-free, flame retardant and self-extinguishing. You can learn more about halogen-free cables in this blog post.

At SAB, we manufacture cables with the proper insulation and jacketing to meet EN 45545-2 requirements, making them well suited for use in trains and rail systems.

Satisfy Both Standards: NFPA 130- and EN 45545-2-Compliant Data Cables

Our SABIX® family now features low smoke, halogen-free (LSHF) data cables that satisfy both NFPA 130 and EN 45545-2 standards. SABIX R 605 FRNC, R 615 FRNC and R 645 FRNC TP data cables are designed for fixed, protected installations in trains. Available with outer diameters up to 13 millimeters, they come with colored conductors and versions with overall copper screens and twisted pairs. In addition to meeting R15 (EL1A) HL 1-3 flame protection requirements, these flame-retardant, self-extinguishing cables also fulfill NFPA 130 section and section 12.2.1.

EN 45545 and NFPA 130 are setting benchmarks for fire safety for the railway industry, so it’s important for designers to look for compliant components. At SAB, we help engineers ensure their designs comply with these and other standards with a broad selection of railway cables that carry EN 45545-2 and NFPA certifications to indicate optimal fire safety characteristics.

Thanks to our 75 years of experience manufacturing quality rugged cables — and 30 years supporting the railway industry — engineers in many regions can be confident our products will help them build safer railway systems.

For more information about SAB railway cables, download our catalog.

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