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Optimize Food Processing Throughput and Efficiency With SAB Cables

As food and beverage processors look to optimize their production and efficiency, cables are becoming increasingly integral to the technology advances that make streamlining possible. Automated food manufacturing equipment requires a full range of cables that can operate reliably under repeated bending and flexing. And, the cables must stand up to the food industry’s ever-present humidity, chemicals, bacteria buildup and high temperatures.

When choosing cables for food and beverage applications, it’s important to consider both the breadth and reliability of your cable manufacturer’s products.

Selection and durability have made us a trusted partner for food and beverage cables for decades. You can find our cables in a variety of facilities, such as food, dairy, meat and fish processing, bakeries, bottling plants, packaging and bottling operations, as well as food production lines that are used in advanced picking and placing technologies. These facilities rely on SAB because we offer a large selection of flexible power, control and data cable products with excellent chemical, washdown and temperature resistance. This reliability under harsh conditions solves problems, reduces downtime and maximizes productivity for automated systems.

Our broad selection of food and beverage cables includes:

  • Flexible power and control cables. These flexible, multi-conductor cables feature simple installation, chemical and washdown resistance for food preparation, processing and packaging applications.
  • Continuous flex cables. Our continuous flex cables offer optimal functionality and long service life for applications with alternate bending and continuous motion.
  • Flexible tray cables. These cables minimize downtime and save money in control systems, machinery, conveyors, control panels and processing equipment. They can be routed around tight bends, fit into confined spaces and resist washdown chemicals.
  • Flexible VFD cables. Engineered to suppress VFD drive noise, these cables feature XLPE insulation for improved capacitance for longer installations.
  • Flexible servo cables. Suitable for cable tracks, our servo cables for continuous flex and static applications come in position or feedback versions with a copper screen.
  • Torsional cables. Designed for twisting applications, such as robotic arms or other devices requiring rotary motion, our torsional cables feature rugged PUR jacketing along with washdown and abrasion resistance.
  • Data and sensor cables. IIoT food applications rely on sensors. That’s why we offer data and sensor cables in 26 to 16 AWG sizes, and shielded versions or unshielded and paired with the overall shield.
  • Flexible industrial bus and Ethernet cables. Our wide range of SAB CATLine® and SAB Bus® cables includes PLTC-rated cables, temperature-resistant cables, CAT5e, CAT 6, CAT 6A or CAT 7A, and PROFINET Type A, B and C. Our CATLine cable is available for continuous flex and torsion/robotic applications. USB 2.0 and 3.0 versions enable high-frequency data transmission.
  • Euro standardized cables. Offering rubber construction to meet European standards, these cables install easily, can route around tight bends and fit into confined spaces.
  • Flexible high-temperature cables. Well-suited for use in dry, damp or wet areas, these cables have a wide temperature range from -50° up to 180°C for continuous operation, as well as up to 250°C for short periods.
  • Accessories. We also offer a wide range of cord grips, specialty cables, thermocouples and resistance thermometers.

SAB Reliability and Performance Address Food Industry Challenges

Reliable cables are essential to connecting the automated machines and networks that are at the heart of food and beverage operations. Our wide lineup of flexible automation cables give you the reliability and performance these systems require for harsh conditions. With the right SAB cable, you can solve problems and meet ambitious food and beverage productivity goals.

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