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SAB Cables Help You Get Automotive Assembly Equipment Up and Running Fast

In the ever-changing automotive industry, you must be able to adapt to many challenges like increasing electric and hybrid vehicle adoption, changing production volumes, new state-of-the-art features, mass customization and localized manufacturing — to name a few. To succeed, your operation must have the flexibility to build or change over assembly lines quickly.

When connecting critical machines and systems, it can be counterproductive to use multiple cable vendors with various delivery schedules. To ramp up production quickly, you need a single source of wire and cable with a large selection of products.

That’s why it pays to work with SAB. We have a distinguished history with the automotive industry, and our wide variety of high-quality, durable power, control and communication cables can be found at every step of automated assembly lines and factory floors — from pressing and stamping to final assembly.

Machine builders and Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive suppliers trust our cables to deliver high performance and thrive in harsh, high-stress production environments. Whether you need rugged, dependable cables for robots, gantries, CNC machines, conveyors, cable tracks, presses, control panels or pick-and-place machines, there’s a SAB cable to meet your needs.

Here are some of the highlights of our varied automation cable lineup:

  • Hybrid cables for robots. Our PUR interbus/PVC interbus hybrid cables are well-suited for flexible and stationary applications in automotive manufacturing.
  • Flexible power and control cables. These flexible, multi-conductor cables feature simple installation, abrasion, notch resistance and easy-to-crimp conductors.
  • Continuous flex cables. Our continuous flex cables offer optimal functionality for applications with alternate bending and continuous motion that require heavy-duty power and control or ultra-sensitive data communications.
  • Torsional cables. Designed to provide power or control for twisting applications on robotic arms, CNC machines, AGV/AMV/MIRs and pick-and-place equipment, our torsional cables feature rugged PUR jacketing and abrasion resistance.
  • Flexible tray cables. Our flexible tray cables can be routed around tight bends, fit into confined spaces, install easily and are available in shielded versions.
  • Flexible VFD cables. Engineered to suppress VFD drive noise, these cables feature XLPE insulation for improved capacitance for longer installations.
  • Euro standardized cables. Offering rubber construction to meet European standards, these cables install easily, can route around tight bends and fit into confined spaces.
  • Flexible servo cables. Our servo cables for continuous flex and static applications come in position or feedback versions with a copper screen. Halogen-free versions are also available.
  • Data and sensor cables. Because sensors are essential to predictive maintenance, we offer data and sensor cables in 26 to 16 AWG sizes, and shielded versions or unshielded and paired with the overall shield.
  • Flexible industrial bus and Ethernet cables. Our wide range of SAB CATLine® and SAB Bus® cables includes PLTC-rated cables, temperature-resistant cables, CAT5e, CAT 6, CAT 6A or CAT 7A, and PROFINET Type A, B and C. Our CATLine cable is available for continuous flex and torsion/robotic applications. USB 2.0 and 3.0 versions are also available to enable high-frequency data transmission for intelligent image processing and visual inspection systems.
  • Accessories. We also offer a wide range of cord grips, specialty cables, thermocouples and resistance thermometers.

In an ever-changing, just-in-time industry where capital machinery and systems must be built within weeks, agility is key. At SAB, we offer a wide selection of robust, reliable cable products so you have the flexibility you need to get critical equipment up and running quickly while maximizing production efficiency.

For more information, download our brochure.

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