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SAB Agricultural Cables Help You Leverage High-Speed Data for Greater Yields

To be productive in today’s agricultural industry, you need more than fast, efficient machines. You must also have a robust communication infrastructure that connects numerous sensors, cameras, displays, complex electronics, control systems and software in order to collect and transmit data to help maximize yields. That means machines and components will require higher bandwidth and plug-and-play interoperability across various manufacturers, thereby placing high demands on communication interfaces and bus systems.

In addition, wires and cables must be flexible for use with moving mechanisms. They must also be able to withstand harsh weather conditions, moisture and exposure to agriculture chemicals. Taken together, selecting the right cable for agricultural systems and equipment is no easy task.

Whether you need to control and connect irrigation systems, pumps, harvesters, front loaders, tractors, monitoring systems, storage and packaging, or you need a host of accessory equipment, it’s important to work with a cable manufacturer that can support the needs of modern agricultural networks with flexible, reliable and durable cables.

Explore SAB Agricultural Cables

At SAB North America, our broad lineup of cables includes several product lines that are well-suited to meet your agricultural connectivity requirements. For example, many of our bus and Ethernet cables meet the ISO 11783-2 (ISOBUS) communication standard for tractors and other agricultural equipment. In addition, all our cables resist humidity, are highly flexible and exhibit exceptional chemical resistance.

Here are some of our cable families, along with their applications and features:

  • Control and connection cables. Appropriate for motors and drives, cable tracks and robotic equipment, SAB Control cables offer robust construction and flexibility, oil and chemical resistance and have halogen-free options as well.
  • ETFE, FEP and PFA strands. Our wires boast good insulation characteristics and have a fixed laying temperature range of -90°C up to +250°C (-130°F up to 482°F), depending on the cable. Applications include tractor electronics, lamps and lights requiring resistance to chemicals and solvents.
  • Bus and Ethernet cables. Our flexible SAB Bus and SAB CATLine comprises cables that support ISOBUS, PROFIBUS, CANbus protocols, as well as CAT 5, CAT 6A, CAT 7A and SPE Ethernet communications, making them desirable for a variety of smart farming applications. These cable families feature robust construction and flexibility, oil resistance and halogen-free options. Hybrid cables are also possible.
  • Cable assemblies. With SAB, you can get your cable and cable assembly — harnessed or molded — from a single source. Applications include measuring and testing technology.
  • Special and hybrid cables. If you can’t find a cable that fits your requirements, let us be your trusted partner for specialty cables. Whether you need a hybrid design, integrated bus element or special materials to withstand harsh environments, we can construct a custom cable for your application and turn it around quickly.

Drive Greater Functionality and Competitiveness

High-speed data exchange is driving advanced functionality, along with greater productivity and efficiency, across the agricultural sector. Quality, reliable cables that support advanced networked technologies will give you a competitive edge in this ever-changing industry.

SAB rugged and flexible ISOBUS cables deliver the high performance and durability you need to realize greater yields from your agricultural equipment. Be sure to talk to a SAB representative to determine the best cable for your agricultural application.

For more information about SAB cables for agriculture, download our brochure.

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