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The waste disposal industry features an extensive range of equipment to sort, transport, treat, incinerate or otherwise dispose of unwanted materials. Each machine has its own cabling and temperature measurement requirements. While the equipment varies in function and component needs across the industry, the cables and sensors typically share one requirement: reliability in harsh environments. For these reasons, it can be hard to find a single source of cables and temperature sensors with the reliability the industry demands.

At SAB, we manufacture many types of cables with jackets that stand up to harsh conditions like scratches and abrasion from a variety of diverse waste materials, as well as high temperatures found in incinerators, for example. Here’s an overview of the types of cables and temperature measurement products used in waste disposal equipment, along with the features and attributes to look for:

Reeling sensor cables for seismic probes
Compensating and extension cables for heat exchangers. Because waste gas heat exchangers turn exhaust gas into useful heat, cables must be able to withstand high temperatures. We use fiberglass or steel wire for outer jackets, Silicone Besilen® and PFA insulation, as well as Alu-foil screens, ensuring the cables are especially reliable under high ambient temperatures.
Reeling sensor cables for seismic probes
Cable track cables. Wherever equipment must handle coarse materials, you’ll need flexible cables that resist abrasions, notches, oils and chemicals. Our flexible cable track data and control cables withstand millions of bending cycles thanks to their cut-resistant PUR jacket.
Reeling sensor cables for seismic probes
Festoon cables. Our festoon cables are ideal for transport and crane systems and conveyor belts used in waste removal and incinerating plants.
Reeling sensor cables for seismic probes
Besilen® silicone cables. These single conductor and jacketed cables with fiberglass braiding and steel wire armoring are commonly used in sorting plants for glass, metal, paper and plastic waste.
Reeling sensor cables for seismic probes
Control and connection cables. We manufacture PVC and PUR cables for control applications. PUR cables handle harsh environments and resist abrasion, notches, oils and chemicals.
Reeling sensor cables for seismic probes
Reeling cables. Our reeling cables are well-suited for transport systems.
Reeling sensor cables for seismic probes
Bus cables. We offer a broad range of network cables with high data rates for use with conveyor belts and sorting units in recycling and waste glass processing facilities. We manufacture cables for nearly all standard bus systems including CAN-bus, Profibus and TCP/IP industrial Ethernet.

Thermo 8-plug and 16-plug connector T065. This connector makes it easy to connect thermocouples, especially where there are many measuring points or long-distance cable runs.

Temperature measurement. From waste incineration plants, to compost works, to sewage treatment plants, high ambient temperatures are an ever-present reality. That’s why we offer a wide range of mineral-insulated thermocouples and resistance thermometers, plus straight thermocouples, a temperature measurement probe and protective armatures and gauge slides.

A One-Stop Shop for Cables and Temperature Sensors

Not only does the waste disposal industry incorporate a wide range of wires and cables, it also involves harsh conditions. We offer a wide range of flexible cables, as well as thermocouples and probes, to meet almost any waste disposal equipment need. And, our products feature durable construction to perform reliably in harsh and high-temperature conditions. When it comes to connectivity and temperature measurement for waste disposal equipment, we’re your one-stop source for high-quality, reliable cables, thermocouples — and more.

For more information about our cables and temperature measurement products, download our brochure.

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