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It’s no secret that SAB’s website — www.sabcable.com — is a quick, easy and comprehensive resource for evaluating, selecting and ordering the right cable. With a wide range of cable products and all the information engineers and systems designers need about cables in one place, it’s pretty hard to beat. However, buying and specifying cables also involves another important step: choosing accessories that can ensure secure cable connections and provide enhanced protection against a variety of conditions.

That’s why we’ve now made it easier to order cable glands, also known as cord grips, and termination kits for your cables. When you go to a product page on our website, not only will you find the product’s complete specifications, you’ll also see options for cable glands and a variable frequency drive (VFD) termination kit, along with their corresponding product numbers and links to add them to your quote. There are also links to related documentation and a contact form for additional information.

Extra Protection for Your Connections

Cable glands and VFD termination kits offer an extra measure of protection for your cable’s connection point with the machine or control cabinet, preventing unwanted problems. Here’s how:

  • SAB cable glands effectively seal and secure the cable to prevent accidental disconnections, as well as damage from dust, dirt, oil and moisture. They also provide strain relief, offering maximum protection against conductor fatigue caused by flexing cables. The lineup includes a wide variety of glands to suit various cable styles and sizes, withstand specific conditions and meet agency approvals. Material choices include Polyamide 6, nickel-plated brass or stainless steel.
  • VFD termination kits are used to ground the shield of VFD cables to a metal enclosure, removing the noise associated with VFD motors and drives.
  • SAB EMC2 and EMC4 cable glands offer built-in grounding mechanisms that come in contact with a cable shield to create a ground path to earth, and they resist impacts and vibrations.

A One-Stop Shop for Your Cable Needs

Not only does our website help customers quickly find cables, review specifications and get a quote, it also provides easy access to the cable accessories that boost your cable terminations’ protection against disconnections, noise and harsh conditions. These features make our website a true one-stop shop for all your cable needs along with the peace of mind of knowing your terminations have optimal security.

For more information or to order SAB cable glands and VFD termination kits, visit www.sabcable.com.

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