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Durable, Flexible Ethernet Cables Create Intelligent Automation Systems That Optimize Production

There's a growing digital transformation occurring in manufacturing sectors as legacy systems give way to intelligent automation technologies. Once monitored and analyzed, sensor-based data from robots and other machines can determine responsive actions. Not only will robots share more information, they will also adapt to changing conditions via artificial intelligence. The industrial Ethernet will also continue to evolve as part of the manufacturing sector's digital transformation efforts.

To exchange the ever-increasing volumes of data that make intelligent automation possible, your data cables must be as innovative as the technologies they support. And, they must be able to withstand continuous flexing or torsional movements, very high loads, extreme temperatures and contact with various chemicals, oils or cleaning agents.

At SAB, we responded to these digitization trends with a new series of Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Cables that can handle the increasing data transmission rates in automation. Not only do these cables ensure fast and efficient data exchange, they are also extremely robust.

Depending on your requirements, these new CAT 6A and 7A cables are available with different designs. Highlights include:

  • CATLine CAT 7A RT. The world's first robot-compatible Gigabit Ethernet cable offers continuous flex performance, as well as excellent resistance to chemical and thermal stresses encountered by Cartesian, SCARA and articulated arm robots.
  • CATLine CAT 7A S. This highly flexible cable track cable has a small bending radius of 10 x O.D. (flexible application) and 15 x O.D. (continuously flexible).
  • CATLine CAT 6A HT. Our temperature-resistant cable is suitable for use in harsh, industrial conditions at temperatures up to -90°C/+180°C (stationary) and -55°C/+180°C (moving).
  • CATLine CAT 7A DR. Applications for this coilable cable include theater technology and high-bay warehouse technology.
  • CATLine CAT 7A R. Compliant with EN 45545-2, this halogen-free data cable was specially developed for use in rail vehicles. It is flame retardant and self-extinguishing according to EN 60332-1-2 and meets the no fire propagation requirements of EN 60332-3-25 and EN 50305 sections 9.1.1 and 9.1.2.
  • CATLine CAT 7A BL. The halogen-free maritime cable CATLine 7A BL with ABS Type and UL approvals is especially suitable for use in shipbuilding industry applications.

In addition to these standard cables, our manufacturing capabilities include special cables designed to address unique requirements. We also create custom cables in small batch sizes to accommodate small and pilot series designs.

Optimize Productivity and Flexibility

With the increasing digitization of plant components, even greater volumes of data must be transmitted reliably under the most difficult conditions to ensure robust networking and communications. With our new Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Cables, you can ensure reliable end-to-end networking and communication at all levels of manufacturing operations.

For more information about SAB Gigabit Ethernet Cables for smart factories, download our brochure.

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