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When your machine requires high-quality wire and cable, there are many standard products to fit the bill. But since no two applications are alike, you may naturally have specific needs that require more than just a standard cable. That’s why the cable supplier you choose should have the capability, expertise and materials to create cables that ideally match the needs of your specific application.

Customize Standard Cables to Solve Application Problems

Whatever the need may be, look to SAB North America for Special Cables that can, for example, help minimize maintenance costs and increase productivity, reduce downtime and solve specific problems. Here is a small sample of some of the challenges that Special Cables from SAB North America can help address:

  • Hybrid Designs for multiple functions. In situations with space and budget constraints, a hybrid cable accommodates multiple functions like communications and control, fiber optics, power, pneumatics and hydraulics. SAB North America can provide the engineering expertise to combine conductors and components into one solution.
  • Harsh Environments. Because cables must endure inhospitable environments, standard cables can be customized with the right materials to resist threats such as temperature extremes from -50°C to 200°C, tears and abrasions, oils, solvents and flames.
  • Difficult applications. In many cases, cables must function reliably despite distinctive operating conditions. SAB North America offers a wide range of standard cable products that can be modified to accommodate difficult circumstances like high-speed data handling, unique motion and mechanical stresses in robotics and automated machines, reeling and pulley structures in hoists and transport systems, resistance to EMI and RFI in motors and drives as well as use with disinfectants and cleaning substances in medical and other sanitary environments.
  • Industries. SAB North America customizes Special Cables for a diversity of industries such as industrial automation, renewable energy, transportation, medical and entertainment and amusements.

In-House Problem Solving

Special cables and hybrid cables can help solve design problems or perform in challenging operating environments where standard cables may fall short. Customers can select from a large catalog of materials and jacket combinations, and SAB North America can assist customers to modify or design a completely new cable. Order minimums are as low as 1,500 feet, and we can test your unique product in our lab. No matter your application’s requirements, SAB North America Special Cables expand the possibilities of standard cables and address your design challenges.

Let SAB North America construct a Special Cable for you: https://www.sabcable.com/products/special-cable

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