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Reliable control signal wiring is critical in today’s demanding industrial and automated manufacturing environments. However, conveyors, control panels and assembly and production lines can impose stress on cables, while tight equipment configurations make cable routing and installation difficult. SAB manufactures a broad range of flexible control cables designed to be pliable to work around tight bends and simplify wiring, all while standing up to harsh industrial conditions.

SAB flexible control cables feature a tight bending radius and smaller diameters for increased versatility. SAB's proprietary cabling techniques reduce the stress put on the conductors when tight bends in multiple directions are required. Available in a wide range of voltages, gauges and conductor counts, our lineup is broad enough to accommodate a wide range of applications and can stand up to extreme conditions such as chemicals, abrasion and temperatures. The lineup also includes flexing oil resistant cables designed to minimize downtime and save money by providing a long service life. Many of our flexible control cables are UL recognized and CSA approved, and certain cables carry international approvals. Here’s an overview of the types of flexible control cables that SAB offers along with their features to help you choose the best cables for your application:

  • PVC Control and Connection Control Cables. These cables consist of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) jacketing and insulation. One such PVC cable — SAB’s CC 600 family — offers good flexibility and resistance to oils. CC 600 cables offer high mechanical load capacity, good EMC characteristics and can perform in temperatures up to 90°C or higher. They can also be used in NFPA 79 machine tool areas. Another flexible control cable family — CC 500 — includes power control cables and a steel braided cable with high mechanical loading capacity.
  • PUR/TPE Control Cables. Polyurethane (PUR) and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)-jacketed cables can be used at high mechanical loads for fixed installation or flexible applications with free movement, without tensile load and mechanically guided movement in dry, damp and wet rooms. These cables are used wherever abrasion resistance, notch resistance and oil and chemical resistance are highly desirable. Many of our PUR cables are halogen-free and include EMC shielding. One such cable, the CC 640 CP, combines exceptional protection against harsh conditions — including sun and weather resistance — with excellent mechanical strength.
  • Chemical-resistant Cables: These multi-conductor, 600-V control cables are UL recognized and resist chemicals and oils. Their reduced outer diameter allows for easy handling and installation in confined spaces. CC 600 P and CC 600 CP are well-suited for industrial painting machinery, water treatment facilities, chemical processing, harsh environments and where cleaning solvents are used.

SAB Has a Flexible Control Cable For Your Application

In today’s cramped manufacturing environment, control cables can be expected to be bent and curved to fit into tight spaces. That's why it’s important to work with a cable supplier whose flexible cables are designed to withstand tight bending when routed and also to perform reliably in harsh industrial environments. SAB’s flexible control cable lineup is designed with tight bending radii and comes in a wide range of sizes, conductors and protective materials so you can find the right cable type to ensure your industrial and automated equipment installs easily and performs reliably.

For more information about SAB’s lineup of flexible control cables, download our brochure.

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