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To help you find the right SAB Cable for your application or project, our downloadable data sheets document the parameters and characteristics (coding, heat- and chemical-resistance ranges, sizes, tolerances, etc.) of many of our cable products for you to read online, download, or print for your files.  

Check out our new online product selection and quotation tool and filter products by cable type, gauge, conductor count, temperature and many other cable attributes.

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Data cables: Electrical characteristics and stranding

Technical documentation

General Information - SABIX

Chemical Resistance

Bi-directional life test

General Information - PUR

Guidelines for installing cable track cables

Bi-directional flexing life test

General Information - PVC

Instructions for the safe application of cables

Torsional twisting test

General Information - Silicone


American & European Cable Stranding


Oil resistance according to SAB internal standards

American VFD Selection Chart

Insulation and jacket material characteristics

Flammability tests for electrical cables

Full Technical Document (includes all items)
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