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The enduring quality of SAB automation cables are quietly at work behind the scenes on assembly lines & factory floors. Machine builders and Tier 1 & Tier 2 suppliers to the automotive industry entrust SAB North America to build cables that thrive in harsh environments. Communication, control & power cables are literally the veins & arteries that make your machines tick. Don’t allow inferior cables to compromise your equipment.

SAB products can be found in every step of the automotive manufacturing including:

  • Press & Stamping Shops: Chassis parts including side frames, doors, bonnets and roofs are shaped and formed to create the car frame
  • Body Shop: Welding together the under body, body side, beams, wheel cover, seat frames, and bumpers
  • Paint Booths: Pressure controlled spray booths
  • Powertrain: Engine, Transmission, Driveshaft, Axles, and Differential
  • Final Assembly: Final components are installed and prepped for delivery

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Cables & Accessories for Automotive

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E-Mobility- High Voltage Measurement

SAB Cables & Accessories for Automotive

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