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SAB North America

SAB North America

SAB Brockskes

SAB North America

Products & Capabilities

SAB Products & Capabilities

Custom Cables

SAB Special Cables

Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

TC-ER Tray Cables

VFD Cables & Grounding Solutions

VFD Brochure

Robotic Cables

Power & Control Cables

Data & Communication Cable

SAB Special Cables

USB 2.0 / 3.0 Cables

Heat Resistant Cables

SABIX® Ultra Cables

Lift Control Cables

Reeling Cables

Cord Grips & Accessories

Construction Machinery

Rock Quarries

Agriculture Overview

Cables & Accessories for Agriculture


Airport Equipment

400Hz Cables for Ground Support

Cables for Automotive

Cleanroom Cables

Cables for 3D Measurement

Cables for E-mobility


Lamp & Light

Food & Beverage

BL Cables for Shipbuilding

Cables for Marine Technology

Cables for Automated Warehouses

Crane and Conveyor Applications

Medical Technology

Cables & Cordsets for Medical Devices


Railway Cable Overview

Cables for Railway Technology

Cables for Semiconductor

Products for Steel Industry

Cables for E-ticketing

Cables for Waste Management

Cables for Wind Power Plants

High Voltage Measurement in Test Vehicles

Thermocouples & Thermometers

Temperature Measurement in Plastics

Protecting Armatures & Gauge Slides

Probe with stainless steel sleeve

Assemblies for ETAS Measurement

Cable Assembly Overview

Ethernet Cable Assemblies

USB Cable Assemblies

Push Pull Cable Assemblies

COAX BNC Assemblies

High Voltage Measurement for Emobility

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