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At SAB North America, we’re the only source of power, control and data cables and accessories you need. Whether you shop our catalog or our website, we have products for most any market sector and application. For example, SAB manufactures quality, reliable cable products for automated systems, transportation, food and beverage, energy, transportation or medical, to name just a few industries we serve.

We made our website — www.sabcable.com — a one-stop shop for all your power, control and data cables and accessories. And, we continually add new catalog pages to our catalog and website to reflect our ever-growing and comprehensive product line. We also made it easier to find the right product thanks to at-a-glance selection charts and tables for each product line in our catalog. This two-part series of blog posts will give you an overview of our comprehensive lineup of products along with their corresponding catalog pages:

Flexible Control Cables
Flexible Control Cables. Suitable for a wide range of industrial machinery, manufacturing, conveyors and control panels, SAB’s versatile flexible control cables resist oils and feature a tight bending radius and smaller diameters. View the Selection Chart
Continuous Flex Cables
Continuous Flex Cables. These cables are designed to deliver optimal functionality wherever alternate bending and continuous motion are required, from heavy-duty power and control to ultra-sensitive data communications. SAB PVC or PUR/TPE cable track cables resist abrasion and chemicals for a long service life. View the Selection Chart
Torsional Cables
Torsional Cables. Our torsion cables transmit control signals or power to high-speed, heavy duty machines, robotic arms and other twisting applications requiring reliable rotary motion. View the Selection Chart
Reeling, Lift and Specialty Cables
Reeling, Lift and Specialty Cables. SAB custom manufactures reliable, chemical-resistant flexible cables for the most demanding applications. View the Selection Chart
Tray and VFD Cables
Tray and VFD Cables. Our well-stocked line of UL- and CSA-listed tray cables are easy to install and carry Class 1 Division 2 explosion classification and WTTC rating for wind turbines. VFD cables are available in a wide range of options. View the Selection Chart
Data and Sensor Cables
Data and Sensor Cables. SAB North America offers a wide range of general-purpose data cables for high-speed communications. View the Selection Chart
Servo Motor Cables
Servo Motor Cables. Designed for quick connections and worry-free operation in continuous flex and static applications, SAB servo cables are available in a broad range of power, signal, feedback and control configurations. These halogen-free cables offer good EMC characteristics and resist oils for a long service life. View the Selection Chart
European Standard Cables
European Standard Cables. We manufacture PVC control and connection cables that meet the European Union’s (EU) harmonized standards (HAR). View the Selection Chart

Product Information at Your Fingertips

SAB North America is committed to providing a broad selection of cables and accessories. Our website and updated catalogs put all the information about new and existing standard products and specialty cables right at your fingertips to help streamline the purchasing process. Be sure to check out our next blog post to read more about the rest of our comprehensive lineup of products.

For more information about SAB North America cables and accessories, check out our Catalog Chapters and our Brochures.

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