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In the always-changing material handling environment, it can be difficult to build and deploy equipment to keep pace. Not only must systems be scalable and customizable to handle aggressive fulfillment targets and supply chain variability, they also have to support rapidly emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), automated storage and retrieval systems, and automated guided vehicles (AGVs) plus analytics-based transport and maintenance, to name a few. In order to adapt to the industry’s present and future needs, you must have a robust connected infrastructure to deliver the power, control and high volumes of data that your new, cutting-edge and modular systems and equipment will require.

In addition to specifying cables with system flexibility and scalability in mind, your cables must withstand bending and harsh industrial conditions typical of material handling facilities. And, whether you’re building new equipment and systems for the warehouse or out in the field, time is of the essence when it comes to selecting the right cables for the installation. To help the material handling industry’s broad range of connectivity needs, SAB has a wide range of power, control, signal and data transmission cables plus accessories.

Highlights from our lineup include cables for the following application areas:

Automated warehouses. Well-suited for continuous flex and torsion/robotic and reeling applications, our cable range for automated warehouses includes CATLine CAT5e, CAT6A and CAT7A Ethernet cables, PROFINET Type A, B and C cables as well as data, sensor, lift, reeling and festoon cables.

Cranes and conveyors. Featuring polyurethane (PUR) jacketing and shielded versions, these cables are designed to withstand high mechanical stress typically encountered by cranes and conveyors.

Robotic cables. SAB’s robotic cables provide power or control for automated equipment capable of millions of bending cycles. Thanks to rugged PUR jacketing, our torsional cables resist high mechanical stress and abrasions. Our offering also includes motor, hybrid and Ethernet cables for robots.

Data communication cables. Our broad range of rugged data communication cables accommodate CATLine and Profinet bus cables with PUR or flexible PVC jacketing. We also support CAN Bus, DeviceNet and Profibus protocols and offer a wide range of sensor cables.

Reeling cables. PUR jacket materials offer high tensile strength, high tear strength and notch and abrasion resistance to withstand the rigors of reeling applications. Other features include small outer diameters and light weight, and select cables have very high winding and unwinding strength.

Lift control cables. SAB Lift cables come in round or flat designs for free-hanging or festooning systems.

Agriculture cables. Robust construction allows our agriculture cables to withstand a wide range of harsh conditions such as weather, pollution, ammonia and chemicals, to name a few.

Choose Cables for Speedy Deployment and System Flexibility

In order to meet the material handling industry’s tight fulfillment demands and technology advances, it’s important to connect systems and equipment fast with operational flexibility in mind. That means you need a single, timely source of flexible power, control and data cables to get systems up and running quickly and with maximum reliability. SAB’s wide range of cables includes many that meet the material handling industry’s needs for torsion, high strength and ruggedness against harsh conditions.

For more information about SAB cables for material handling, visit our industry page.

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