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As more vehicles rely on electric motors to meet clean energy goals, the traditional 12-volt drive system is giving way to motors that require hundreds of volts. Within these high-voltage systems, sensors measure temperatures and changes to materials. And, non-electrical signals need to be converted into electrical signals using field busses. Designers must make sure the cables and connectors used to measure conditions in electric vehicles (EV) and e-mobility systems can handle the high voltages while keeping vehicle test personnel and operators safe.

SAB North America, along with our partner CSM Components, offer a full suite of components, cables and accessories for safe EV system testing — from sensors and cables, to data acquisition software. Here’s a quick summary of our measurement components for high-voltage EV and e-mobility systems:

  • High-Voltage Measurement Modules. These units measure the temperature of high-voltage components for mobile and stationary units in e-mobility systems. These modules feature Type K thermocouple inputs, and they can be used near the measuring point. The complete system meets a multi-level safety concept in accordance with DIN EN 61010 requirements. The family also includes breakout modules and e-mobility measurement software.
  • High-Voltage Measuring Cables. Suitable for high-voltage test benches and test vehicles used for electromobility applications, these cables work with voltages up to 1,000 volts. One such product, the B 110 C cable with Besilen® silicone insulation, offers long service life, excellent abrasion protection, easy installation and 100 percent EMC compatibility.
  • Sensor Systems. We produce four- and one-channel HV temperature sensors with double insulation, 1,000-volt dielectric strength and a wide temperature range. Four-channel HV temperature sensors are available with either FEP or PI cables. We also offer a wide variety of harnessed cables and wires for pressure sensors and strain gauges that determine material changes on a vehicle, as well as for turbo rev counters and flow sensors.

In addition, we can integrate transducer electronic data sheet (TEDS) systems to connection components so personnel can quickly and directly analyze measurement data.

A One-Stop Measurement Resource for HV Systems

Sensing systems and components used to measure conditions in high-voltage systems are driving innovation and functionality for EVs and e-mobility vehicles. With CSM Components, we provide designers with a complete selection of sensors, measurement systems, connectivity components and accessories for systems testing — all in one place. These e-mobility products are designed to stand up to high voltages and demanding conditions to deliver reliable data safely.

For more information about EV and e-mobility products, download our brochure.

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