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With advances in automation, technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT) sensors are driving the demand for wire and cables that can deliver the power, control, data and signals that make today’s cutting-edge packaging equipment possible. As you design packaging automation systems and equipment to support these innovations, it is important to look for wires and cables that can endure continuous flexing and tight bending radii while resisting harsh industrial conditions. Wire and cables with these capabilities and other high-performance features will ensure you get the most reliability and lifetime and provide a greater payoff for your packaging automation equipment investments.

At SAB North America, we have a wide range of cables and accessories that meet the packaging equipment market’s demands for control, signal and data transmission throughout the operation, along with providing exceptional flexibility and reliability under harsh conditions. Our wires and cables for the packaging, automated warehouse and food & beverage sectors include the following highlights:

  • Flexible control cables. Suitable for a wide range of industrial machinery and automation applications, flexible control cables feature a tight bending radius with small diameters, oil resistance and easy installation. Control cable variations include silicone, high temperature and halogen-free cables.
  • Continuous flex cables. These cables are designed and tested for X-Y flexing and alternative bending, with life cycle tests up to 20 million cycles. Suitable for heavy-duty power and control applications to sensitive data communications, our continuous flex cables resist abrasions, chemicals and washdowns.
  • Industrial Ethernet cables. Our lineup includes CAT 5, Profinet, CAT 5E, CAT 6, and 6A, and CAT 7A cables for static, flexible, continuous flex, torsion and reeling applications.
  • Data and sensor cables. Our highly flexible multi-conductor data and sensor cables feature small cross sections, a small bending radius and excellent shielding.
  • Torsion cables. Well-suited for robotic applications that perform twisting, rotary motion, these cables withstand abrasions, chemicals and washdowns thanks to their rugged PUR jacketing.
  • Tray cables. Our easy-to-install flexible tray cable line is UL TC-ER rated for exposed runs and includes flexible and round cables that allow installers to pull more cable at a time. They also can be routed around tight bends and fit into confined spaces.
  • VFD cables. There’s a SAB VFD cable for your application, even if you need to connect to drives and motors up to 1,000V. Options include one ground or symmetrical ground, power only or with one or two pairs.
  • Servo motor cables. Providing servo motor connections for power, power with signal pairs and for encoder/resolver, this halogen-free cable family provides quick connections, good EMC characteristics, a long operating life and is suitable for cable tracks.
  • Bus cables. At SAB, we offer a wide choice of flexible bus cables that deliver real-time information needed to improve efficiencies and processes in packaging and factory automation applications.
  • Specialty cables. If a standard cable won’t fit your application, we can design a special cable combining multiple elements under one jacket.

Reliable Cables for All Levels of Automated Packaging

Increased automation and AI-based packaging systems require high-volume data transmission and network communications under constant bending and challenging industrial conditions. In order to meet the packaging industry’s technology advances and aggressive throughput goals, it’s important to partner with a cable supplier whose products are both well-suited for innovative systems and tough environments. At SAB, we have a wide range of robust, flexible cables to ensure reliable, end-to-end power, control, data and signals at all levels of your automated packaging operation.

For more information about SAB cables for packaging applications, visit our packaging industry page.

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