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In today’s railways, various electronic systems are critical to maintain safe train operation and provide passenger amenities. Not only must the data and control cables that support these systems address present and future needs as railways continually modernize, but they must also meet European Union fire safety standards.

European Union regulations protect train passengers and personnel from smoke and fumes that can spread during an onboard fire. These regulations extend to cables, so it’s important to work with a manufacturer that offers cable products with the proper insulation and jacketing materials, as well as the capability to develop completely new materials for compliance.

Cable manufacturers that meet EN 45545-2 standards, for example, dedicate substantial technological and manufacturing resources plus personnel to ensure their cables are suitable for modern railway systems.

SAB Railway Cables Meet Demanding Requirements

SAB has more than a 30-year history of collaboration with railway customers. Our SAB RailLine 560 is a good example of a cable that addresses the evolving needs of the industry and fulfills the EN 45545-2 and other fire safety standards. Available as a control or data cable, this flexible halogen-free cable carries HL 1-3 flame protection — the highest level according to EN 45545-2. It withstands harsh weather and also exhibits exceptional oil and fuel resistance, making it well-suited for mechanically dynamic applications like railway construction, or it can be used in the bogie, as jumper cable or as sensor cable at the wheel set.

RailLine 560 is part of a broad railway product lineup that includes flexible wiring, rail data and rail control cables made from SAB’s SABIX® thermoplastic material, as well as CATLine CAT 5e, 6A and 7A Industrial Ethernet cables with continuously flexible versions. Railway cables in this product range offer many features and safety characteristics such as:

  • Halogen-free
  • No flame propagation
  • Flame retardant and self-extinguishing
  • Very good stripping
  • Good EMC characteristics
  • Tested according to the American ASTM standard
  • Good transmission rates and crosstalk attenuation

Here’s how you can be sure our cables for railway technology are flame-resistant and self-extinguishing:

  • Materials are sampled on the basis of fire protection requirements and tested in our combustion chambers.
  • All product groups for the railway sector are tested and certified in accredited external laboratories.
  • New insulation materials from suppliers are continuously tested for flame retardance and, if necessary, qualified for use in railway environments.

Look for Railway Cable Experience and Expertise

As railways add more electronic systems, engineers must be certain their designs meet safety requirements for Europe and other regions. When selecting power, data and control cables for railway applications, make sure to partner with a company that has the experience and technical capabilities to provide safe and reliable cable products.

Our halogen-free railway cables meet the high-performance needs of advanced railway electronics while fulfilling the highest fire safety standards according to DIN EN 45545-2.

For more information about our cables for railway technology, download our catalog.

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