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Understand VFD Cable Essentials in Our New White Paper

In many systems, variable frequency drives (VFDs) are an obvious choice for providing effective motor speed control. However, the same characteristics that make VFDs attractive also prohibit the use of conventional cables. Without a cable constructed specifically for VFD applications, equipment will be prone to various threats that can lead to premature failure. That’s why it’s important to have a basic understanding of VFD drives, the challenges they can pose to cables and the construction elements to look for when selecting cables for VFD applications.

Our new white paper, VFD Cables Stand Up to Pulse Width Modulation Hazards and Harsh Conditions, provides an overview of some of the basic considerations to remember when you implement cables for a VFD system.

In addition to summarizing the basics of VFD systems, it describes the various conditions that can harm cables or affect the overall system’s performance. It also explores cable construction features that address these issues, including:

  • Insulation to address reflected waves and corona inception voltage.
  • Shielding to mitigate common mode currents and transmitted electrical noise.
  • Jacketing for harsh environments.

Our white paper will give you a better understanding of these factors and — using SAB cables and accessories as examples — will help you select VFD cables that ensure your system is productive and long-lasting.

Download the White Paper.

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