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How SAB Cables Meet Challenging Semiconductor Fabrication Requirements

Semiconductor manufacturers face many challenges, including the shrinking size and increasing complexity of chips, the need to improve efficiency and reduce costs and — most recently — supply shortages. As foundries continually upgrade equipment and processes to meet these demands, the cables that connect to fast-moving automated machines must be up to the task.

When selecting cables for semiconductor manufacturing, be sure to keep these important characteristics in mind:

  • High flexibility and long life. Cables must be able to withstand millions of cycles of repetitive flexing in high-speed machines.
  • A tight bend radius. Flexible, dynamic motion is critical — even as installation spaces get smaller.
  • Chemical resistance. Depending on the equipment, cables may be vulnerable to photoresist coatings, as well as cleaning agents, cooling solutions and deionized water.
  • Cleanroom approvals. Fraunhofer Institute of Germany assesses components for cleanliness and suitability in cleanroom applications based on a set of acknowledged standards and guidelines.

At SAB, we offer a large selection of flexible cables that have the exceptional chemical and temperature resistance, durability and long life that semiconductor machines demand. Many of our cables are especially appropriate for a diversity of machines.

Cleanroom-Technology Cables and More

We offer a large selection of industrial Ethernet, continuous flex and torsional cables for cleanrooms. These cables satisfy the Fraunhofer Institute’s quality requirements and have earned its “Tested Device Certificate.” The cables also meet the highest ISO 14644-1 requirements for air cleanliness and particle concentration.

Our cleanroom family of products consists of our Industrial Ethernet cable line — suitable for cable tracks — with CAT 5e, 6A and 7A versions and a small bending radius of 10 x diameter. Another option is our continuous flex cleanroom cables, which feature small outer diameters, flexibility at low temperatures, a small bending radius of 15 x diameter and oil and abrasion resistance. And finally, our rugged and reliable torsional cables can achieve torsion angles up to 360 degrees over one meter.

Our range of cables and accessories for semiconductor equipment also includes:

  • Flexible power and control cables. These cables are easy to install and crimp, comply with NFPA 79 regulations and feature chemical, abrasion and notch resistance.
  • Continuous flex cables. Well-suited for alternate bending or continuous motion, these chemical- and abrasion-resistant cables can withstand millions of bending cycles.
  • Flexible tray cables. Features include chemical resistance and a UL TC-ER rating for exposed runs. You can also route them around tight bends to fit into tight spaces.
  • Flexible VFD cables. We engineered these cables to suppress VFD drive noise. They come with a heavy-duty jacket for harsh environments and have XLPE insulation for better capacitance.
  • Data and sensor cables. Our flexible 26 to 16 AWG data and communication cables are available with shield or unshielded and paired with an overall shield.
  • Flexible industrial bus and Ethernet cables. This line includes SAB CATLine and SAB Bus cables for power, sensor and data communications.
  • Flexible servo cables. Available in position or feedback versions with copper screen, flexible servo cables feature good chemical resistance and a long operating life. They are also suitable for cable tracks.
  • Halogen-free cables. These cables do not emit corrosive gases during fires and are available with over 30 different SABIX compounds.
  • Accessories. These include cord grips, thermocouples and resistance thermometers, as well as custom products.

Whether your semiconductor fabrication application requires a rugged, reliable cable for front-end production, back-end production or support equipment, there’s a SAB cable that matches your needs and satisfies industry standards.

For more information about SAB cables and accessories for semiconductor equipment, download our brochure.

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