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SAB North America is known for its high-quality customizable cables. Meeting specialized connectivity needs is the heart of what we do, and it begins with an extensive lineup of standard flexible cables and wires as well as cable harnesses and accessories. This broad product line along with our commitment to customer service ensures all your cable needs will be met.

Our products cover just about any market sector that requires interconnected machines and systems such as plant automation, energy, transportation, medical and agriculture. The full line of wire and cable products includes flexible control cables, continuous flex cables, torsion cables, reeling and lift cables, tray cables, VFD cables, data and sensor cables, servo motor cables, high-temperature cables, bus and Ethernet cables, halogen-free cables, specialty cables and cable glands.

Over the next few months, each blog will showcase the features and benefits of a different SAB product family. Here are some highlights of upcoming products:

  • Flexible Control Cables feature a tight bending radius and smaller diameters for increased versatility. One such cable type, SAB’s Flexing Oil Resistant Control Cable, is designed to minimize downtime and offer a long service lifetime.
  • Tray Cables. Each product in SAB North America’s well-stocked line of UL and CSA-listed tray cables carries a Class 1 Division 2 classification and a WTTC rating for wind turbines. The lineup features flexible versions as well as round cables that allow installers to pull more cables at a time, thereby avoiding a stiff, complicated setup.
  • VFD Cables. Anywhere VFD motors are used, SAB has a cable to offer. We have one ground or symmetrical ground options, power only or power with one or two pairs. We also offer continuous flex options and 2 KV for larger motors. EMC grounding glands protect your installation from EMI interference.
  • High-Temperature Cables. Our flexible silicone cables are resistant to extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. They’re used in foundries, glass manufacturing, steel mills and other high-temperature processes. SAB’s SC 600 HDTR is the only silicone cable that meets UL, CSA and CE approvals.

While SAB offers many standard wire and cable products, some applications have special requirements that a catalog product may not offer. SAB North America has the expertise and materials to create cables that ideally match the requirements of your application. If you cannot find a cable that fits your requirements, let us help construct a solution for you.

The Only Connectivity Source to Turn To

From cable glands to WTTC-rated cables for wind turbines, SAB North America offers a broad selection of cables and accessories. Our extensive standard product lineup plus specialty cables and customer support make us the only connectivity source to turn to no matter the requirements of your application.

For more information about SAB products, download our catalog.

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