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Select a Flexible Cable That Meets Your Material Handling Needs

Material handling operations have to be nimble in getting goods to consumers and end users. For example, warehouses are increasingly becoming more modular in nature, enabling them to change over and reconfigure quickly. As material handling operations adapt and change, they need flexible, reliable cables that can take a beating in harsh industrial environments.

At SAB, we provide quality, customizable cables to satisfy a broad range of material handling equipment types like robots and automated systems, mobile cranes, lifting trucks and festoon systems.

Here are some of the highlights in our offering:

  • Data and control cables for high-speed applications: Suitable for monitoring plant and robot applications in assembly lines and automation plants, these cables have a small minimum bending radius, reinforced outer jacket and very good flexibility. SAB data and control cables pass stringent oil tests and also feature good abrasion resistance and fire performance. Multi-conductor cables are also available in PVC- and PUR-jacketed versions.
  • Power cables for cable tracks: These continuously flexible single conductor and multi-conductor, 600-V cables with UL/CSA approval for use in cable tracks are well-suited for packaging machines, assembly lines and automation plants. Features include good oil and abrasion resistance and good fire performance. Certain cables feature overall copper screen shielding and UV-resistant jacketing.
  • Festoon cables. Designed to withstand high mechanical stresses, Festoon 715 P and 716 CP halogen-free flexible cables stand up to weather and abrasion and offer cable roller assemblies a path feed rate of up to 240 meters per minute. The shielded 716 CP’s tinned copper braiding exhibits good EMC characteristics. Festoon-type cables offer flat construction for stacking inside space-constrained applications.
  • Reeling cables. SAB reeling cables take advantage of PUR jacket materials to offer high tensile strength, high tear strength and notch and abrasion resistance. Features include small outer diameters and light cable weights, path feed rates of 120 meters per minute and flame retardancy. Certain cables in this series offer extremely high winding and unwinding strength, compliance with CE 72/23/EWG low-voltage requirements, shielding for EMC protection and sunlight resistance. The family also offers an offshore cable and a spreader cable with a 240 meters per minute feed rate.
  • Spreader cable. Used for load-lift equipment with high mechanical stress in gravity-fed vertical basket operations, the Spreader 722 PUR-jacketed control cable features PVC insulation, as well as oil and weather resistance.
  • Lift control cables. SABIX® halogen-free cables offer low smoke generation, low toxicity and low corrosiveness for applications with high safety requirements. Cables are designed with either a rope or steel-supporting member for applications with longer lengths.

Meet Challenging Workflow and Automation Targets

In the material handling industry, machines must get up and running quickly to meet expanding workflow and automation targets. Selecting the right flexible data, control and power cables is critical to machine availability.

Our broad lineup of cables provides material handling equipment designers tight bending radii, high strength and protection against harsh conditions. The result: you’ll get durable, reliable and readily available cables that maximize uptime when you need them.

For more information about our flexible cables for material handling applications, download our brochure.

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