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Engineers that design advanced, motion-intensive automated systems across a variety of industries have come to rely on flexible cables to deliver control, power, data and signals in challenging applications. While many cable suppliers offer designers a host of standard products, finding the cable that meets your exact requirements while also addressing tough conditions is seldom easy. In automated environments where uptime is everything, it’s critical to work with a supplier that can provide innovative specialty cable products—and deliver them fast.

Although you may know SAB North America for our lineup of quality standard cable products, we’re also a trusted partner when it comes to engineering specialty cables that meet tough automated system challenges. Thanks to our expertise and capabilities in developing custom cables, we have a proven history of innovating flexible control cables. In fact, we develop five new cable designs every day. 

Whether you need hybrid designs for multiple functions, special materials to withstand harsh environments or a cable product that can meet industry standards, we can assist you in creating a custom cable to meet your needs. This video provides a quick overview. Here are just some of our custom product capabilities:

  • Quality custom cables, manufactured to decimal-point tolerances in an ISO-9001-certified facility
  • A wide range of configurations for control, power, data and signals
  • A large offering of material and jacket combinations
  • Shielded cables, flat cables, thermocouple cables and abrasion-resistant jackets
  • Fast delivery, with minimums as low as 1,500 feet
  • Extensive testing in our laboratory to ensure long life
  • Fast prototypes

Working With SAB
If you can’t find a cable that fits your requirements, we can construct a custom cable for your application and turn it around quickly. Not only will the specialty cable address your challenge, it will help you stay at the forefront of ever-advancing automation technology. 

Our experienced engineers are ready to help you, so be sure to contact us early in your system design process and provide as much information as possible, including your cable’s dimensions, construction requirements, temperature range, required features, necessary approvals and the quantity you need. To get started, simply fill out our online forms or download our interactive form.

For more information about SAB specialty cables, download our custom cable brochure.

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