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How to Find Halogen-Free Cables For Any Application

Halogen-free cables prevent toxins from harming people or equipment when exposed to fire. Thanks to their efficacy, along with the increase in global fire regulations, these cables are gaining popularity across many industries. With so many markets now requiring halogen-free cables, selecting the ideal cable for your application can be difficult. That’s why it’s important to partner with a company that has a broad range of halogen-free cables, along with the expertise to satisfy any application requirement.

Halogen-Free Cables, No Matter the Application

Many different categories of halogen-free cable are available throughout our product families. For example, our SABIX® family is one of the most trusted names in the industry. The SABIX® line, like our other cable families, offers special construction features and is designed to meet specific power and data requirements, networking protocols and regional certifications.

Here’s a summary of the cables you’ll find in our catalog, along with some of the available features depending on series number:

  • Halogen-Free Cables for Rail Data and Control. These SABIX® rail cables are flame-retardant and self-extinguishing. And, they satisfy the highest safety standards of EN 45545-2 — Europe’s mandatory requirement for materials and components.
  • Halogen-Free Cables for Shipbuilding. This SABIX® BL family of power, data and control cables combines the fire-safety benefits of halogen-free construction, along with Class 5 tinned copper conductor strands for corrosion resistance and flexibility.

  • Halogen-Free Data Cables. In addition to being halogen-free, SABIX® data cables offer versions with exceptional oil resistance, low temperature flexibility, heat resistance, weather resistance and flexibility. Uses include communications, electronic data processing, weighing installation, office appliances and applications with demanding transmission and near-end crosstalk attenuation characteristics.

  • SABIX® Ultra Continuous Flex. These continuous flex cables deliver the highest fire protection according to EN 60332-1-2, EN 60332-3 Cat C or D, IEC 60754-1, EN 61034, NF C 32-070 C1 and NF X 70-100. Depending on the series number, these cables are well-suited as festoon cables for polar cranes in nuclear power plants, in rail technology as sensor cables at the vehicle chassis or as flexible control cables at the train doors, and in cable track applications with moderate mechanical stress.

  • Control Cables. Our control cables feature rugged construction elements such as PUR jacketing and TPE insulation for harsh environments. Flexible control cables feature a tight bending radius and smaller diameters for high versatility. Ideal applications include machine tools, conveyor and assembly lines, transportation equipment and more.

  • Torsion Cables. These cables perform in robotic arms and other heavy-duty applications with twisting or rotary motion. Rugged and dependable halogen-free torsion cables are available with spiral shielding and meet UL, CSA and CE specifications.


Use Our Product Finder To Select Your Cable

To help you find the exact cable you’re looking for, you can refer to the selection tables in our catalog. We’ve also enhanced our product selector with more search criteria, including halogen requirement, color code, insulation, jacket material, approvals and voltage. Simply enter your search criteria, and the tool will show you the series numbers that best meet your needs.

For more information, check out our catalog.

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