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SAB Clean RT 793 D Torsion Cables

Series Number: 3793

This 600 V UL recognized, CSA approved cable is rated for 80°C and used in applications where combined twisting and bending stresses occur. This unique cable accurately transmits control signals and power supply to welding robots, rotary tables and other automated applications.

The high quality UL recognized, CSA approved insulation with its smooth surface and slide wrapping increases cable life expectancy under extreme twisting and bending stresses. The outer jakket made of specially formulated TPE is highly resistant to abrasion, oil, notching microbes and hydrolysis. In addition, the surface quality prevents adhesion to adjacently installed cables. The overall bare copper spiral shield is recommended whenever electrical interference distorts signal transmission or when EMI emission needs to be suppressed.

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Outstanding features:

  • rugged and reliable
  • torsion angle up to ± 360° over 1 meter


  • UR AWM Style 21060
  • Clean Room classification:
    • ISO 14644-1 AIr Cleanliness class 1
  • CE
  • EAC
  • RoHS


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