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Part #: 06612202

Type Bus and Ethernet Cables
Segment CAT 5/ Profinet & CAT 5e Cables
Series PN 661 Type B UL
Gauge/c 22 AWG (≈ 7/30)/4c
mm2 0.34
Conductors bare copper fine strands
Color Code Blue, Yellow, White, Orange
Insulation PE
Shielding Foil Shield, Tinned Braid Shield
Jacket Green SABIX® (RAL 6018)
Nominal OD 6.6 mm (0.260 in.)
Approvals UR AWM, CE, EAC, RoHS
Voltage 300
Temperature Range -40°C to +75°C
Halogen-Free acc. to IEC 60754-1 + VDE 0482-754-1
Other Characteristics Halogen-free
PDF View PDF For Complete Technical Specifications
Gray Polyamide Cord Grip PMG-16 (Metric); PPG-11 (PG); PNG-3/8 (NPT)
Black Polyamide Cord Grip PMB-16 (Metric); PPB-11 (PG); PNB-3/8 (NPT)
Metal Cord Grip MMS-16C (Metric); MPS-11 (PG); MNS-3/8 (NPT)
EMC-2 Shielding Cord Grip EM2-16C (Metric); EP2-11 (PG); EN2-3/8 (NPT)
EMC-4 Cord Grip EM4-16 (Metric); EP4-11 (PG); EN4-3/8 (NPT)
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