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USB 3.0 Continuous flex cables for robots

Series Number: 0606

SAB offers USB 3.0 flexible, continuous flex and torsion cables. The robot cable USB 3.0 was developed for high-frequency data transmission, collection, and transmission of data from the camera to the industrial PC. Applications include identifying parts and components, for visual inspection, welded seam control, or for the collection of bar codes or type tests. SAB USB 3.0 cable guarantees excellent transmission characteristics for intelligent image processing with a transmission distance of up to 3 m under extreme industrial application conditions. A medical-grade biocompatible, highly flexible,non-kinking cable is available for medical devices and can withstand the demanding cleaning, disinfection, and handling requirements.

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Outstanding Features

  • biocompatible jacket material
  • biological harmlessness acc. to
    EN ISO 10993-5
  • high temperature resistant
  • high notch and tear resistance
  • very good flexibility
  • surface not adhesive


  • CE
  • RoHS


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