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IBS 617 Bus Cables

Series Number: 0617

IBS 617 is a PVC Interbus-S cable with UL approval. It is suitable for extreme environmental conditions. This cable is an open sensor/actuator bus, which is mostly used for communication on the field level (e.g. sensors, actuators, controllers), but also for the information transmission between the field level and the above-lying control level (e.g. SPS). Therefore, the INTERBUS-S belongs to the category of the so-called field busses and particularly characterized as a fast sensor/actuator. It is mainly applied in production engineering, materials processing, transportation and storage technique, particularly in car manufacturing and automation industries.

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Outstanding Features:

  • UL recognition
  • flame retardant and self-extinguishing
  • very good oil resistance


  • UL AWM Style 2464
  • CE
  • EAC
  • RoHS


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