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SL 871 C

Series Number: 0871

SL 871 C is a halogen-free, shielded continuous flex power supply and feedback cable with UL- and CSA-listings. It targets applications such as cable track, automated handling equipment, pick-and-place units, gantry robots, machine tools and other continuous movement applications.

SL 871 C provides a unique combination of signal and power conductors under one jacket while reducing weight and saving space. Other features include low capacitance construction, long service life, adhesion-free installation, no paint wetting disruptive substances, flexibility at low temperatures, and excellent EMC characteristics. The cable also complies with Indramat INK and Siemens 6FX8008 requirements.

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  • Automation technology
  • Machine construction
  • Construction of industrial robots and plants
  • Motor power
  • Control and manufacturing engineering
  • Handling systems
  • Car manufacturing industry
  • Cable tracks on wood working machines


  • RoHS
  • CE
  • CSA
  • AWM
  • UL
  • VDE


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