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DR 750 P Offshore

Series Number: 0750

DR 750 P Offshore is a reeling cable for offshore use. It targets applications such as spring-loaded and motor-driven cable reels in lifting and handling equipment found on offshore platforms or ships.

DR 750 P Offshore provides an extremely high winding and unwinding strength as well as a small outer diameter and lighter cable weight. Other features include flame-retardant properties, is self-extinguishing and is halogen-free and asbestos-free.

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Outstanding features:

  • suitable for offshore applications
  • extremely high winding and unwinding strength
  • small outer diameter
  • lighter cable weight
  • flame retardant and self-extinguishing
  • halogen-free
  • asbestos-free


  • IEC 60332-1-2
  • IEC 630092-350
  • IEC 61892-4
  • CE
  • EAC
  • RoHS


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