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DR 721 P Flexible Specialty Cables

Series Number: 0721

The DR 721 P is a reeling and pendant cable with a special polymer polyurethane used for spring cable and motor cable reels hoists transport systems and farm vehicles with medium mechanical stress.

In addition, this cable features good winding and unwinding strength, small outer diameter and small cable weight. It also corresponds to EWG CE low voltage guidelines.

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Outstanding features:

  • high winding and unwinding strength
  • small outer diameter
  • ligther cable weight
  • correspond to low voltage guideline 73/23/EWG CE
  • PUR outer jacket:
    • high tensile strength
    • high tear strength
    • high abrasion resistance
    • high notch resistance


  • IEC 60332-1-2
  • CE
  • EAC
  • RoHS


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