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SC 700 HDTR Silicone Cables

Series Number: 0125

SC 700 HDTR is a heavy duty, multi-conductor, silicone insulated control cable with tear resistant silicone jacket. This cable is recommended for use in applications where high temperatures, UV light and mechanical abuse rapidly cause other cables to deteriorate. The SC 700 HDTR is a flexible, cost effective, high temperature cable. Recommended applications include foundries, steel mills, glass factories, baking equipment, burners, heating and lighting systems. This cable can also be used anywhere salt water is present, and high temperature processes are utilized.

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Outstanding Features:

  • halogen-free
  • flexible at low temperatures
  • heat resistant
  • UL/cUL recognized
  • rated for 200°C


  • UL AWM Style 4511
  • cRU AWM I/II A/B
  • cUL FT1, FT2
  • CE
  • EAC
  • RoHS


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