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SAB Bröckskes has developed a new brand of biocompatible cables for the medical industry called SABmedLine. The SABmed S series is comprised of the following cable types; very flexible, notch and tear resistant cable, continuous flex cable, UL approved cable and “non-blooming” cable. We also offer a SABmed T cable with a very smooth jacket. All of these cables passed DIN EN ISO 10993-5 cytotoxicity enabling SAB to call these new cables biocompatible.

The SABmedLine includes:

  • SABmed S Classic. Made with high notch and tear resistance, as well as excellent flexibility, this cable is perfect for medical devices with cables that need to be flexible and rugged.
  • SABmed S Ultraflexible. As its name implies, this product is designed for continuous flex applications where the cable is in constant motion.
  • SABmed S UL. We have successfully developed a biocompatible SABmed S material with the possibility of UL approval. Therefore, we are able to design a cable built to your specifications with UL approval. (e.g. power and data cables, Bus cables, connection and single core cables).
  • SABmed S Platinum. These cables are “Non-Blooming”. This type of cable is required when you do not want additives in the jacket material to migrate to the surface and cause the cable to discolor over time. This is already reduced down to a minimum level for all of our SABmed S materials. With our SABmed S Platinum, we are able to eliminate it completely.
  • SABmed T. This cable has a reduced shore-hardness or lower jacket durometer. Due to this, the finished cable is smoother and more flexible than PVC. Furthermore, this material is free of halogen and very good for sterilization applications such as gas, steam and radiation. As stated above, all of these cables passed DIN EN ISO 10993-5 cytotoxicity making these new cables biocompatible. We have the ability to produce these products with a low minimum which could prove useful for prototyping devices.

About SAB

SAB, a leading manufacturer of cables worldwide, was founded in 1947. With more than 60 years of experience in temperature measurement and control technique and cable production has turned a one man business into a company with nearly 500 staff members. The strengths are not only the production of standard products but also the development and manufacturing of special products according to customers' specifications. Every year SAB manufactures more than 1500 special products on customer's request. The company provides their products in more than 40 countries around the world.


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